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Hoarding Clean Out

Hoarding is a compulsive disorder. It requires sensitivity and expertise. Most people who hoard do so because there is a sense of calm and security in having a lot of items around you. Hoards can take the form of collecting new items you never end up using or giving away, hoarding animals because their softness and needs for

comforting, or hoarding absolute garbage and other trash to the point where you have pest infestations. Whether this is for you, a family member, or a past tenant. Our team is respectful and free of judgment. We have seen everything and removed everything. We know it is how difficult it is for people to seek help when dealing with hoarding cleanup. We understand that hoarding is a complex mental disorder. That it makes it difficult for a person to part ways with an item- let alone discard it. We get it. Your belongings are not all junk. Eliminating the “clutter”, and even trash can be emotional and difficult. Boca Raton junk removal can help! You will have peace of mind knowing you made the right call.

No matter what a person hoards, the end result is always the same. Too much stuff leads to legal issues, among other things. If you have recognized that there is a problem and are starting to seek treatment and help, you may find that you will also need hoarding cleanup services. To help you make a firm decision with regards to hoarder junk disposal, you should know the far reaching effects of hoarding on yourself and everyone around you. A home affected by hoarding can be minacious and detrimental to the health of anybody on the premises.

Homes have to be clean in order for emergency professionals to assist you in times of an emergency. If EMTs cannot get through your home to rescue you, you may not make it. Additionally, animal hoards and garbage hoards create tons of lung, upper respiratory, and parasitic medical problems that can make you very sick. Recognizing that a hoard has to go is the first step in your recovery process and a hoarder clean out service can definitely help with the path to a much safer and healthier life.

Understanding the Major Impact of Hoarding and How to Clean It Up

We will properly dispose of biohazardous materials and debris. When entering a home, we assess and create a plan to declutter and clean the home. We are dressed and are protected accordingly, and have a lot of cleaning and sanitizing products with us. Depending on the level of hoard there may be animals (rats, mice, etc.) still alive and running around, and their droppings can be everywhere. The droppings contain all types of diseases. The team entering the home must have an appropriate array of shots since there is a potential of encountering harmful and deadly diseases. You could have the cleanest hoard of the nicest and most expensive items around, but with all of those hiding spots in plain sight, you invite pests. Roaches are not particular about what kind of hoard you have, especially when they can hide in everything from a Gucci purse to cozying up under Prada shoes. Ants and many other multi-legged house pests are not particular either. If there are dark, damp, humid or other

interesting spaces in which to dwell, these pests will find it. Don’t forget that rats and mice love a good hoard too, and they will chew holes in anything and everything for nesting materials. By removing the hoard, you remove the places and spaces these creatures nest and hide. Also, there are sharp objects such as broken glass, knives, and etc. that can be out in the open.

If this is for you, and you have not received complaints from the neighbors and legal notices from the city, you are very lucky. These legal issues you might incur include lawsuits from neighbors on adjacent properties as well as lawsuits from the city to place liens on your home for the hoarding cleanup they will most certainly carry out. Please consider taking action and hiring a hoarder clean out service right away to end any possible legal troubles that could land on your doorstep. Additionally, if you rent, you could be evicted and all of your stuff (regardless of its condition!) could be hauled to the dump.

Taking individual trips to the dump can waste a lot of time and gas. Our team puts together five piles when decluttering a home that belonged to a hoarder: keep, donate, trash 1 (normal garbage), trash 2 (biohazard material), and recycle. Allow our expert team to come in, and cautiously remove the unwanted belongings. We help loved ones and individuals declutter and continue on with life.